Scott Does Stand Up: An Evolutionary Timeline

Thought it might be interesting to arrange my stand up videos in chronological order to maybe trace my evolution (or perhaps de-evolution as a stand up comedian). Will get round to writing some sort of commentary for each one at some point, right now I’ll just let them speak for themselves.

Version 1.0 -August 2010.

My first ever stand up spot.

Version 2.0-May 2011

After a long gap of nine months(!) finally got round to doing another. So, my second time ever. Not entirely happy with this one. Bit unpolished and some jokes that are a bit, well, crude. Both literally and figuratively. Not that there’s anything wrong with that necessarily but there’s a bunch of people who do that and I wasn’t sure that that was the kind of comedian I wanted to be. Plus I’m clearly a bit drunk.

Version 3.0- June 2011

One month later and some lessons learnt. Still too many gaps flat spots for my liking and the audience isn’t entirely on side but getting closer…

Version 4.0-August 2011

A full year after my first spot at the Edinburgh festival and this is the moment where I think I’ve finally found a voice of sorts.

This video was filmed during Dave Nelder and Vague Acquaintances. Dave is a very funny and very nice guy and you can find videos of him here

Lucky enough to film it with a brilliant audience (thank you guys, whoever you were!) because I did exactly the same routine later that night and it totally died when what I can only describe as right wing hecklers objected to my riots material-“they’re criminals, right? It’s not funny!”. An educational experience.

Version 5.0

I haven’t learnt a thing.

Version 6.0

The Stand, Glasgow, 26/06/2012

Footage from the Midnight Steak Bake Bake Bake Bake Show, Counting house, Edinburgh, 24/06/2013.


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