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Let us rest and catch our breath a while…

Laughter on the Outskirts, August 1st-25th, 19.45, Jekyll and Hyde

Hello humans!

Nth Mind has been rather quiet for a while. Events in the meat world have meant that this blog has had to take a back-seat.  These events include finishing my thesis and handing it in for the examiners, with a viva set for late September. So you will have to forgive me if am both drained and deranged. But fear not, gentle reader, posts existing at various stages of completion include a three-part exploration of the economic, social and philosophical implications of robots; a delve into Disney’s darker and more deranged cinematic output; a theory on the two modes of transcendental style in cinema; an exploration of the links between transgender and posthumanism; an examination of language as a control mechanism by way of Genesis P-Orridge and William S. Burroughs (“language is a virus from outer-space”), and more. Towards the end of the year I will also be writing about my Quixotic attempt to watch 500 films in one year. I warn you now: there will be unnecessary charts and graphs. With the thesis in the bag (writing-wise, if not examination-wise) there should be some time to hammer these out.

Not in August however, when I leave the world of failing miserably to become an academic behind for a while to enter the world of failing miserably to become a comedian, The show Laughter on the Outskirts (with partner-in-crime Woodward) starts at the Edinburgh Festival in August. It’s on at 19.45 everyday, from the 1st to 25th August at the Jekyll and Hyde, Hanover Street. It’s free! And there’s also the possibility of getting a free souvenir fanzine!

Not that academia and comedy can’t mix. I’m super-excited to be taking part in one of the many Bright Club shows at the festival, all of which are worth your time. More details on Bright Club and its inspired mix of academic research presented as stand-up comedy here.

I’m also involved in a few other bits and pieces, details of which are below.

And that’s about all. if any regular readers of the blog (are there any regular readers of the blog?) find themselves in Edinburgh during August then please come along, track me down, buy me drinks, and chat about posthumanism, comedy, comics, occultism, and all the other fine diversions Nth Mind specialises in. If you are not in Edinburgh in August I promise I will be writing about those same things in September.

If I survive…

Dates, dates, dates:

August 01- Laughter on the Outskirts, 19.45 Jekyll and Hyde Continue reading