Happy Birthday Nth Mind!

So now then. Just got a message that this blog is officially three years old. Let’s take a moment of silence to honor this momentous, nay! paradigm-shattering, NAY! WORLD CHANGING! event.

There, feels good, doesn’t it? Seriously though, as you may or may not know, when you have a blog like a future-person does you are able to see some of the stats and site traffic data. What re people reading on it? How did they find it? That sort of jazz. So in celebration of Nth Minds three years of existing as a thing, let’s pull back the curtain and see what the ten most popular posts of all time have been!

The first thing I learned was that  Nth mind has been viewed 14,681  times. 52 people actually subscribe to this thing (so a big thank-you guys!), and apparently the busiest ever day was Friday, April 6, 2012 when I got 120 views. That’s right, one hundred and twenty. So take that, [insert generic popular website here]! Obviously, in retrospect, its been all downhill from there.

The most popular search terms that bought people to Nth Mind make for interesting reading; or terrifying, depending on your tastes. These are my peoples.

  1. posthuman                                        65
  2. erotic experiences                         40
  3. posthumanism                                 37
  4. screaming mad george                  36
  5. nth mind                                                28
  6. mind expanding documentaries     25
  7. cosmic trigger                                         20
  8.  cosmic trigger art                                  19
  9. compare visions of kurzweil, hitler and nietzche   16
  10. batman stained glass       16

Among the lesser-searched for terms were, “trifurcated cervix (4)”, “sadomasochism is not conducive to the welfare of society”   (3), “tentacle erotica”  (3), and “infamous ‘corporate psychopaths’ (1)”. We can only imagine what the 2,780 unknown search terms were. Also, let’s spare a thought to the three poor bastards who were led to this blog out of concern for the impact of sadomasochism on the welfare of society. I can only hope that it opened their minds enough for them to open their other openings.

Anyways. The most viewed page, with 3,131 views is the Home page/Archives, but that doesn’t tell us anything, does it? So here are the top ten most popular posts

  1. Keeping the Cosmic Trigger Happy Part 3: RAW and the comix underground                     843
  2. Special Effects Auteurs (and the particular genius of Screaming Mad George)                     814
  3. Producing and Consuming the Posthuman Body in Superhero Narratives                             782
  4. Anarchy and Posthumanism Part 3: Anarchist Superhumans                                                     577
  5. Comics are Magic Part 1: Superman, archetypes and invocations                                             520
  6. Tales from the Sphinx: An Interview with John Thompson                                                           439
  7. Posthuman Ecstasy: Long Live the New Sex                                                                                         436
  8. Man, if only there were a list of Posthuman Documentaries…                                                      429
  9. The Silver Age Superhero as Psychedelic Shaman                                                                             398
  10. Comics are Magic 4-The Conscious Multiverse: Idea-space and entities                                  315


And now, the bottom five, or least popular posts:

5. new stand-up                                                                                                                       3

4. Transcendental style in film Part One: The Ascetic Aesthetic                        2

3. Live from the Edinburgh festival…                                                                             2

2. I finally uploaded a new stand up video. Ironically, it is very old…            2

1. Transcendental style in film Part Two: The Ecstatic Aesthetic                       2

So, two posts that were published today and three about my comedy. The lesson here, clearly, is that no-one who reads this blog gives a shit about my comedy. In fact even in the search terms no one ever searched for ‘Scott Jeffery, stand-up comedy’. I did, but that doesn’t count. Maybe some people do like the comedy but then they come here and its all tentacle erotica and anarchism and they get put off? Actually, that can’t be the case because tentacle erotica and anarchism are exactly the kind of things I would do jokes about anyway.

Birthday celebrations now officially over. Don’t let the self-congratulatory lack of content in this post deceive you! I’m not just reading water because I’ve run out of things to write about. Coming out of the screen and into your face-holes soon/eventually!: ‘everything good is bad for you’, on the Dialectics of Liberation congress; surrealism as politics; a new Comics are Magic exploring Warren Ellis’s approach to the subject; and more!

I’m going to write it anyway, with or without you. It’s a compulsion.

But I’m delighted to find that people have actually been reading it these past three years. So thank you readers, and here’s to three more years!


About Scott Jeffery

Hello humans. I am Dr. Scott Jeffery. I do the following things (in no particular order): Research into Post/Humanism and Transhumanism and superheroes (seriously, I’ve got a PhD and everything) Stand-up comedy Compulsive rumination I blog about these things (plus occultism and all kinds of other lovely, strange topics) at NthMind. I also write regular short film reviews at Filmdribble. I can be contacted via twitter (@sjzenarchy) or at sjzenarchy@gmail.com. View all posts by Scott Jeffery

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