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Look everyone! It’s Life at the End of Time, and its back! That’s right I have finally put my 2007 short film and non-youtube sensation back online. I presume it got taken off because no-one watched it. Nothing changes but the seasons, people.

Watching it again I still think its pretty good. Some of it doesn’t work, some of it goes on too long, but there are some good jokes in there. And it brings back happy memories of its production. Five fun-filled and exhausting weeks running round London spent in the company of the gentlemanly and talented Louis Jackson. I think the fun comes across.

Also considering doing a separate video for the song at the end; another co-production with the lithe and moral musical savant Craig Jeffery. As I recall, not without some distress, certain contingents proclaimed it the best part of the film upon it’s original nationwide (of course) release.

So here it is, emerging newborn and blinking back into the daylight. And if you don’t like it, well, there’s always the song at the end. Enjoy.

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Hello humans. I am Dr. Scott Jeffery. I do the following things (in no particular order): Research into Post/Humanism and Transhumanism and superheroes (seriously, I’ve got a PhD and everything) Stand-up comedy Compulsive rumination I blog about these things (plus occultism and all kinds of other lovely, strange topics) at NthMind. I also write regular short film reviews at Filmdribble. I can be contacted via twitter (@sjzenarchy) or at View all posts by Scott Jeffery

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