new stand-up

here is my second ever stand up spot. It’s a work in progress so you know, don’t judge me. And fair warning to anyone who came to this blog interested in my academic work, this video in no way represents the views of Stirling University or even me necessarily.  Personally I think its disappointingly crude. The video below it is my third gig, which is slightly better and contains 100% less jokes about my mothers vagina.


About Scott Jeffery

Hello humans. I am Dr. Scott Jeffery. I do the following things (in no particular order): Research into Post/Humanism and Transhumanism and superheroes (seriously, I’ve got a PhD and everything) Stand-up comedy Compulsive rumination I blog about these things (plus occultism and all kinds of other lovely, strange topics) at NthMind. I also write regular short film reviews at Filmdribble. I can be contacted via twitter (@sjzenarchy) or at View all posts by Scott Jeffery

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