Hello world!

Welcome to Nth Mind.

My name is Scott Jeffery. I am a human male who lives in Scotland, on the planet Earth. I am an occasional stand-up comedian, philosopher-poet, and PhD student engaged in a thesis about the development of the ‘fictional’ figure of the ‘posthuman’ in superhero comics and in the wider ‘real’ worlds of techno-science, philosophy, critical theory and religious history.

At least, that’s what I’m going to say it’s about today.

(At any rate, if anyone reading this is a reader of superhero comics and based in Scotland please get in touch if you’d liked to be interviewed for the project about superheroes, the idea of the ‘posthuman’ and the impact of this on the human (sic) body-mind.)

But enough about me (which I’m sure goes against the entire point of blogging). It’s probably a good idea to explain the name and the aim of this blog. “Nth Mind” applies a mathematical term to a concept introduced by William Burroughs and Brion Gysin (see here (i’m not here to lecture, just to provide links!): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Third_Mind).

In doing so it demonstrates my poor grasp of both maths and the work of Burroughs…or does it?

I don’t know. At any rate what I’m suggesting is that if two minds working together produce a third mind that cannot be predicted from the two parts then such a notion could be extended and lead us to wonder what holy or monstrous (wholly monstrous?) mind might result from many working together.

Something like that anyway. We’ll work it out as we go along.

Put more simply the aim of the blog id to ‘find the others’ as Tim Leary once put it.

And of course to write loads of self-indulgent shit about myself. So, um, here we go…


About Scott Jeffery

Hello humans. I am Dr. Scott Jeffery. I do the following things (in no particular order): Research into Post/Humanism and Transhumanism and superheroes (seriously, I’ve got a PhD and everything) Stand-up comedy Compulsive rumination I blog about these things (plus occultism and all kinds of other lovely, strange topics) at NthMind. I also write regular short film reviews at Filmdribble. I can be contacted via twitter (@sjzenarchy) or at sjzenarchy@gmail.com. View all posts by Scott Jeffery

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